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red Turkey evil eye mirror custom Munçuk fridge magnet

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The Turkish evil eye amulet is extremely common in Turkey and surrounding countries. Anyone traveling to the Eastern Mediterranean countries or the Middle East is sure to notice this special symbol all over the place.
It is also known by the name Nazar Boncuğu. Many in Turkey may call it Munçuk.
This talisman seems to be increasing in popularity, also in the Western world.
This is an amulet of protection from anyone who does not have genuine good intentions.

Red Turkey evil eye is a new Turkey evil eye for 2019.

All design can make to badge, mirror, keychain, bookmark, fridge magnet, bottle opener etc. Welcome custom Turkey eveil eye mirror, Evil eye keychain, evil eye bookmark, Turkey evil eye fridge magnet etc. Diameter: 58mm.

red Turkey evil eye giftscustom red Turkey evil eye mirror

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